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PS4 U.K. sales could hit 1.8 million, says ERA

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on 16 September 2013

The Entertainment Retailer’s Association has claimed that PlayStation 4 could shift 1.8 million units this holiday season.

Xbox One, meanwhile, is expected to hit 1.3 million sales, offering combined next-generation console sales of 3.1 million – providing Sony and Microsoft don’t run into any stock issues, that is.

The figures come via a survey on 2,068 adults, 2.7 of which said they would “definitely” purchase an Xbox One. When scaled up to the U.K.’s 49 million adult population, this equates to 1.3 million, and would generate £560 million in sales.

Meanwhile, 3.7 per cent revealed their intention to purchase a PS4, which equates to 1.8 million individuals – or £638.5 million in sales.

Seven per cent of those surveyed said they were ‘definitely or likely’ to fork out for Microsoft’s next-generation console, while 10 per cent said the same for PS4. Stock levels permitting, this would generate sales of £3.1 billion.

PS4 is scheduled to ship in the U.S. on November 15 and November 29 in Europe, while Xbox One arrives on November 22.