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GTA V: Best songs to listen to while killing, chilling and evading police

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on 16 September 2013

GTA V’s soundtrack is stunning. It’s not just the list of over 240 licensed songs from famous singers that kick in each time you set foot in a vehicle and switch the radio on, but it’s also how they seem to fit in and be relevant to what’s happening in the game.

I’ve played GTA V for around 14 hours prior to its release on September 17 and these musical moments have been my highlight so far…

1. Driving through the tourist haven of Vinewood Boulevard, leaning out of the window with an AK-47 and mowing down dozens of innocent pedestrians.

Tune: N.W.A – Appetite for Destruction


2. Driving slowly along the magnificent Great Ocean Highway on the East Coast of Los Santos with the sun blazing, soaking up the incredible view of the beach and seafront in a Dewbauchee Convertible with the roof down.

Tune: Marlena Shaw – California Soul


3. Heading toward the first ever Jewellery Store heist. After lots of planning beforehand, the build-up to this moment is extremely tense. This tune really got my adrenaline pumping.

Tune: Youth Brigade – Blown Away


4. With Franklin at a downtown strip club having a private dance and rubbing my hands all over a young lady’s thighs and breasts.

Tune: Mystique – Scandalous


5. Blazing down the streets and highways of Los Santos with three police cars on my tail and a chopper circling the skies following a botched robbery. This tune gave me the lift I needed to evade their pursuit.

Tune: Daniel Malaso: Body Music

Stay tuned for PSU’s GTA V review.