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GTA V PSN woes continue as PS3 gamers report installation issues

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on 17 September 2013

PlayStation 3 owners have reported a number of issues regarding the downloadable PlayStation Network release of hotly-anticipated crime romp, Grand Theft Auto V.

As reported by TSA, users have flocked to the PlayStation forums in anger after finding out they are unable to install the game, while others receive a message stating, ‘unavailable before start date.’

One user, 'Kotatsu2000,' who has previously encountered issues installing both inFamous and Puppeteer, wrote, “I should have known better. I now have an 18GB file sitting on my PS3’s HD which is good for nothing.”

Elsewhere, 'shadybanks' revealed that he was unable to play the game at 2am, having received the ‘unavailable before start date’ message. Two others also joined in the discussion, with one reporting the issue at 9am before getting on the phone to Sony all the way to head office.

Sony angered many PS3 owners last week after revealing the PSN pre-load date for GTA V had been pushed back.

Have you experience any issues with the digital download of GTA V? Let us know in the comments section below.