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European PSN updates for December 6th

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First week of Decemeber, and what does Sony have for us this week? Looks like a new Kane and Lynch demo, few game trailers including Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS 07, and new themes. Here is the official list of additions:

- Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Demo (free) (840MB)

- Motorstorm (2 cars: Domino & Adventure) (AU$3.95)
- Folklore (The Origin of Belgae Pack: 4 missions, 1 Folk & 1 Ellen Costume) (AU$3.45)

- Mesmerise Theme (free)
- Tori Emaki Theme (free)
- Heavenly Sword Theme (free)
- Motorstorm Theme (free)
- Snakeball Theme (free)
- Lemmings Theme (free)
- Killzone 2 Theme (free)
- SingStar Theme (free)

Game Videos
- Metal Gear Online TGS 2007 Trailer (free)
- Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer (free)
- Blazing Angels 2 Trailer (free)

Stay tuned next week for the latest PlayStation Network Updates.