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Tracon 8: Dragon Age, Female Kakashi cosplay win our hearts

on 19 September 2013

Last weekend PlayStation Universe despatched a film crew to Tracon 8 to cover the event. Located in Tampere, Finland, Tracon 8 is one of largest, role-playing, anime and cosplay conventions in Scandinavia.

So, while you're waiting for us to tell you what happened at Tracon 8, and why the hell PSU has a film crew there, here are some of our favorite cosplay from the event. If you can take a moment from playing Grand Theft Auto V, check them out below.

- - - - - -

Some brilliant Soul Eater cosplay.

Maka and Soul cosplay, also from Soul Eater.

Sandra Järvinen cosplaying as Tira from Soul Calibur V.

Sisters Hiron and Yoki. Hiron (below) is cosplaying Otoyomegatari.

Yoki won Tracon's original character class competition for her Luminara Unduli costume. You can check out more of their cosplay on their

Turn the page for more costumes.