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GTA V's vanishing vehicles bug being looked into by Rockstar

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on 24 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto V’s bizarre disappearing vehicles bug is being investigated by developer Rockstar, the company has confirmed.

The issue sees customizable motors vanishing from their garage after the player completes a mission. The problem follows a number of hiccups for the sprawling action-adventure title, after PlayStation Network users encountered various installation errors after downloading the game.

However, Rockstar has confirmed it is looking into the issue concerning the vanishing cars, though hasn’t distributed a fix at the time of writing. Nonetheless, it did offer some support while we wait.

The developer said that the “issue may occur if you drive another character’s personal vehicle.” This refers to the fact GTA V has three playable protagonists -- Franklin, Michael and Trevor -- each of whom possesses their own vehicle. Gamers can switch between them at any time.

Aside from avoiding hopping into another character’s personal motor, Rockstar advises players to give garages a wide birth for now.

“In the meantime, please try to avoid parking a car in a garage, driving one already in a garage, or getting a default vehicle, when playing as a character other than the one with your upgrades.”

Sadly there’s no ETA on when we can expect a permanent fix for the issue, with Rockstar only commenting it is “looking into a fix to prevent this from occurring in the future.”

GTA V is out now for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and topped the U.K. charts upon release becoming the fastest-selling title in the region to date.

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