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PS4 first-party games have SRP of 59.99

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on 27 September 2013

PlayStation 4 software will carry a suggested retail price (SRP) of £59.99 for title such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and DriveClub.

However, certain titles, including SCE Studio Japan’s upcoming platormer Knack, will be slapped with a slightly lower SRP of £54.99.

Of course, whenever a new console is released it is inevitable that software will come with a higher price tag than current machines.

Retailers such as GAME will be flogging PS4 games for a bit cheaper than the SRP, so unless you pop into your local high street retailer, you aren’t likely to pay full price for your shiny new next-gen software.

Still, expect to pay over £50 for PS4 games wherever you shop (for reference, GAME is selling Killzone: Shadow Fall for £52.99 inc. free delivery), so they won’t be as low as PS3 games for a while yet.

PS4 is due out in the U.K. and Europe on November 29 and in North America on November 15.