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Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer Scout class revealed

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on 7 October 2013

The second of Killzone: Shadow Fall's three primary multiplayer classes has been revealed, and stealth-oriented players will be glad to see that it's the Scout.

Ignoring the ad nauseum use of familiar multiplayer nouns (the first class reveal was simply, 'Assault'), the Scout class looks pretty cool and offers abilities that aren't familiar to other multiplayer shooters. The invisibility-granting Cloak will stay active while using the Combat Knife, for example, while the Emergency Teleport lets Scouts jump to a random part of the map when they're in trouble (for the price of a lengthy cooldown).

Meanwhile, the Tactical Echo highlights exact positions of enemy soldiers and machines in a certain area of effect, even if those players are other Scouts using Cloak. Finally, the Stun Drone ability sends forth a flying drone that will wait in a given area for enemy players to come by. When they do, the Stun Drone releases an "E-pulse" that stuns and blinds them.

Are you itching to give Killzone multiplayer a go on PS4, or will the single-player narrative of tenuous Vektan-Helghast relations more your thing? Let us know in the comments and stay glued to PSU for all things Killzone, including our review of Killzone: Shadow Fall.