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PS4 Ultra HD video support not ruled out, no plans for PlayTV says Sony's Andy House

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on 10 October 2013

The president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has refused to rule out the possibility of ‘Ultra HD’ 4K video content support for the PlayStation 4.

Sony’s new home console supports traditional DVD and Blu-ray formats, and while Ultra HD video content - which would offer four times the resolution of Blu-ray's 1080p - is possible, Andrew House told Business Spectator that he isn’t too confident about the emergence of native Ultra HD games.

The executive also said that there are currently no plans to offer PlayTV support for the PS4.

"While PlayTV was certainly successful in certain markets, I'm not sure that it saw enough of an uptake to say that it's a mandatory thing that we want to have in all of our devices," House says.

"We haven't ruled it out, but it's highly dependent on the broadcast TV market and also user preferences. There are lots of alternatives in terms of devices that carry a TV tuner."

PS4 is scheduled for release in North America on November 15 and in the U.K. and Europe on November 29. The console will set you back $399/£349.