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Surge Deluxe coming to PS Vita from Velocity Ultra creators

on 11 October 2013

FuturLab, the creators of Velocity and super-powered PS Vita port Velocity Ultra, are bringing Surge Deluxe to PS Vita early 2014.

Surge Deluxe is, as the name would suggest, a re-tooled, feature-packed, fan-feedback-inspired port of Surge, an addictive, screen-clearing puzzler that released for PlayStation Mobile in late 2012. Surge was praised by critics and competitive gamers for its colorful design and polished mechanics, but communities like NeoGAF took issue with a "restrictive" scoring system and lack of accommodations for color-blindness.

In response, FuturLab--a studio swiftly becoming a household name among PlayStation enthusiasts--adjusted the score system to produce wider point spreads and reduce "grinding," introduced new gameplay elements for a fresh experience, and gave each colored block on the playing grid a distinct shape.

All told, it sounds like Surge Deluxe will be the definitive version of one of PS Mobile's standout games, and as a serious fan of Velocity Ultra, I can't wait to see how FuturLab leverages PS Vita's OLED screen to amplify the game's already-vibrant colors.

Check out our game gallery for the first screenshots of Surge Deluxe, and sound off in the comments if this one's on our PS Vita "must-buy" list.