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Dragon's Crown will get Cross-Play in North America 'very soon'

on 11 October 2013

Atlus and Vanillaware's RPG-brawler Dragon's Crown will get a Cross-Play patch "very soon," said Atlus in an email update to Atlus Faithful.

Until now, the game's stellar cooperative component was only available to players on the same platform, whether PS3 or PS Vita. In an update released today, Cross-Play functionality between platforms was enabled in Japan.

“Since launch, we’ve been hearing from our fans how much they wanted Cross-Play in Dragon’s Crown,” Atlus explained to its email subscribers. “Vanillaware was focused on delivering the best game possible, so we couldn’t include it at launch, but we’ve been supporting the title ever since! Now, we’re stoked to tell you that Cross-Play is on its way to North America, and the update will be arriving very soon. Stay tuned for more details!"

Our review of Dragon's Crown explains that the game's depth and RPG mechanics add much-needed flavor to a genre (side-scrolling brawlers) traditionally lacking such things. You still can't enjoy Cross-Buy for the title--each platform's version must be purchased separately--but if you've got friends on one or the other, network incompatibility will no longer impede your good times.

Then again, this update bears asking: How many people are still playing Dragon's Crown? If you are, or if the game's in your backlog, waiting to be played, let us know in the comment section.