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New Sony Aibo compatible with PS3/PSP?

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The new Sony Aibo PS, as it is tentatively called, is an artificial intelligence toy dog that comes with a wide array of features. Some features however, are rumored to have the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable as key elements to the overall mechanics.

Some of the features rumored to be in use with the PSP and PS3 are:
-Connect through Wi-Fi via PS3 or PSP to control the movements.
-Gain access to camera shots via media streaming settings accessible through PS3 interface menus.
-See what the Aibo sees through the built in camera assessable by the PSP.

This all comes as speculation from Stuff Magazine, which also mentioned that there is only a 53% possibility of it being true. So in other words, all of this is mere rumor, so please do not take it as facts.

Source: Kotaku