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Why does my PSN friends list disappear?

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on 25 October 2013

PlayStation 3 users are seemingly being hit by a rather nasty bug causing all of their PlayStation Network friends to disappear from the XMB.

This issue has cropped up multiple times in the past, though a fresh barrage of complaints have been popping up in just the last week or so.

Users in the U.K. and Ireland have taken to Twitter (via TSA) to report the bug, with speculation generating online that the problem may be related to the recent GTA V 1.04 update. This has yet to be confirmed, though it is alarming how many reports have cropped up in the time following the update’s release.

So, has this happened to you? If it has, we’ve been searching around the net for reports on this bug over the past few years and have come up with a couple of solutions for you to try out.

Solution 1:

-The simplest solution is to restart your PS3; however, users have reported this doesn’t always work.

Solution 2:

-Move to your PSN ID
-Hit Triangle, and click on the comment option with X
-Delete everything from your comment, and then hit start to confirm
-Press OK
-This should fix the problem

Solution 3:

Check out this video and run safe mode options 3 and 4.

Solution 4:

-Start a game
-Once in the game, press the PS Button
-Go to PSN > Account Management > Sign Out
-Sign in again, but do not check your friends list; remain in the PSN section.
-Check out the top right hand corner, where there should be a smiley face and a number that represents how many friends are online
-If the number increases, you’re done. Repeat until successful if this doesn’t work.

Have you discovered another solution? Be sure to help out your fellow PSN users by posting them in the comments section below.