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MLB 08 The Show Officially Announced

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Sony Computer Entertainment America announced earlier today that MLB 08 THE SHOW will available in Spring of 2008. It set to be an exclusive, obviously, and will be available for the PS3, PS2, and PSP. According to SCEA, the upcoming title is expecting to provide the most realistic baseball experience to date.

A press release issued this morning stated that, "reflecting on the history of the franchise, the longest-running officially licensed baseball title on PlayStation(R) platforms, the SCEA San Diego Studios development team went into this season looking to build upon the history and success of the franchise, by raising the level of authenticity and realism, and creating the perfect blend of features and unique gameplay opportunities."

MLB 08 THE SHOW is expected to come packed with a more immersive "Road to the Show" mode and more interaction from custom-created players. Catchers will come into more defense situations and pitchers will will now have mound visits which contribute to the games realism. It will also feature over 3,000 individual player animations, including personalized stances, pitching animations, individual swings, batting rituals and motion captures from actual MLB players.

It doesn't stop there. The upcoming title will feature umpire personalities combined with interactive hot and cold zones and player-scaled strike zones, release point pitching combined with adaptive pitching intelligence and the pitch command system.

For fans who want to create their own soundtracks, MLB 08 THE SHOW offers the opportunity  to take music stored on a PS3 system's HDD or a Memory Stick Duo and add tracks to the list of music played in the game JukeBox.

The game will also be playable online where it will introduce SportsConnect Online User Tracking (SCOUT) which allows gamers to set and store their game preferences on the  MLB server, and then enables the system to look for a Quick Match with opponents that fit similar competitive criteria.

Scott Rohde, senior director stated that "Baseball fans know that the MLB franchise has been met with critical acclaim and has a long-standing winning tradition." He continued saying that "MLB 08 THE SHOW continues to display our commitment to delivering a highly-innovative and improved features in order to provide an unrivaled simulation with a broadcast quality presentation."

You can check out MLB 08 The Show's Screenshot gallery here.

Other features include:


- Commentary by Rex Huddler, Matt Vasgerian, and Dave Campbell
- Progressive Batting Performance which rewards players for good performance and penalize players for batting slumps
- Contract bonus/punish depending on performance
- In-game and post game analysis
- Custom Soundtracks
- Franchise Mode
- Rivalry Mode
- Career Mode
- Season Mode
- Online News System to retrieve actual MLB news
- Wind Effects
- Guess Pitch
- Crowd Interaction


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