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DUST 514: Uprising 1.6 update notes

on 6 November 2013

The latest monthly update for DUST 514 hit yesterday. Uprising 1.6 brings a few role adjustments along with bug fixes and further polish.

Scouts will be getting an additional 60% to their inherent scan radius, equating to a jump from 10m to 16m. Each dropsuit has a built in scanner which will detect enemies in close proximity, unless they have specialised into Profile Dampening, which makes you harder to scan. Other changes made include a buff of 75HP to the base HP of both heavy suits (Sentinel and Commando). To accommodate this increase, the repair rate of repair tools has also been increased. The relationship between heavies and logistics is symbiotic; the heavy machine gun toting giants get health as they spray lead and the logi gets War Points for healing and additional Guardian points if the heavy kills an enemy while being healed.

The update was a little on the light side due to the hefty nature of next month’s 1.7 update; stay tuned for more info on this very soon. Check out the rest of the patch notes below and keep an eye on PSU for news and updates on DUST 514.

* Increased scan radius from 10 meters to 16 meters on Scout and Basic Light Frame suits.
* Increased the repair tools’ rate of repair (general values for each tier): Standard and Militia: 40 HP/s, Advanced: 60 HP/s, Prototype: 70 HP/s.
* Adjusted the heavy dropsuit hit points: (shown below)
* Increased Basic and Sentinel armor/shield hit points from 405/405 to 480/480.
* Increased Commando armor/shield hit points from 250/250 to 325/325.

* Added stabilization for Militia Dropships to the control scheme to make them easier to fly.

* Reduced the Forge gun blast radius: Standard: from 2.5m to 1.5m, Advanced: from 2.75m to 1.8m, Prototype: from 3m to 2.1m.

Bug fixes and polish
* Battle finder now shows a correct clone reserve count for corporation battles.
* Fixed missing hints on create button in Squad Finder.
* Applied fixes to vehicle turrets.
* Several graphical fixes regarding SSAO and Shadows.
* Fixed an issue where players would hang at the Show Info window if closed rapidly.
* Fixed an issue where players were not able to see server name and player count during server VIP mode.
* Further improvements to overall hit detection.
* Specific improvements made to shotgun hit detection.
* Specific improvements made to Nova Knife hit detection.
* Fixed a bug where players were getting stuck on the front of the HAV.
* Fixed a bug that caused strange behavior with third person mesh when killed in a turret.
* Fixed a bug that caused the third person mesh to sometimes 'freeze' if killed whilst crouching.
* Fixed a bug that caused equipment to slide on the base of the null cannon.
* Fixed a bug with visual corruption on wreck materials.