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PSU needs you for the PS4 revolution - now hiring writers, editors and more

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on 7 November 2013

PlayStation Universe, the web’s most popular independent PlayStation website, is gearing up for a very special period in its history. With the arrival of PlayStation 4 imminent we’ve brought together a dream team of individuals who all share the same passion for PlayStation and who have skills in many different areas, from I.T. and design to podcasting and video editing.

These are the people who have helped push PSU to where it is today with over 1 million visitors a month, and this is the team who have what it takes to give our loyal community exactly what they want throughout the next-generation. But, we still have places to be filled for those who want to embark on this exciting journey.

We have a number of roles that we’re looking to fill as soon as possible ahead of the launch of PS4. Recognised throughout the industry, PSU attends world-wide events, covers most PlayStation-related reviews, gets quoted on trailers and box-art for some of the best games out there and is read by hundreds of thousands of PlayStation fanatics. PSU is an incredible platform from which to forge a career. However, it takes a special person to join our team, so please only apply if you’re serious about helping out and really do want to be part of the PSU family and help us grow.

The following positions are up for grabs:


A contributor pitches an idea for a feature to PSU and either gets it approved, dismissed or tweaked.


A writer is part of our team. They have a PSU email address, access to the staff forums, the opportunity to write reviews and ‘Hangout’ and attend meetings with the team. Writers are expected to contribute at least 3 articles a week, which can include general news. Writers have their work edited before it goes live and are expected to write to a high standard.


Many writers end up becoming editors as they progress with their writing, but we’re also looking to immediately fill some editor positions. Editors can publish articles straight onto the front page and are expected to edit other people’s work. Editors usually attend events, get review copies and get to see what happens at PSU on a higher level.

Associate Writers

PS4 has a ton of indie games coming its way and we need people who want to review these titles. When are main review team are too busy, we may also ask that you review other games.

Newsletter Editor

Via POMMO’s mass-mailing software, PSU sends out a weekly newsletter to 280,000 PlayStation fanatics. We need someone to put together a newsletter based on what’s been happening on the site and send it out regularly on the same day every week. This person will need a small amount of HTML knowledge. Some design skills are desirable.

Interviews Manager

We need someone who has the confidence to chat with developers. PSU has access to speak with many publishers and studios. Sometimes the interviews will be via Skype and other times they will be via email. The interview manager needs to research the game and company in question and produce a set of relevant questions. This person will also be tasked each month with compiling a list of people they would like to interview. PSU will put you in touch with these people.

Database Manager

PSU constantly needs to be kept up-to-date with release dates, new games and box-art shots. The database manager is a crucial role at PSU and we need someone who can spend an hour or so a week making sure everything is up-to-date.

Video Manager

We need someone to download and upload videos and trailers to our video platform. This needs to be done on a regular basis and would suit someone who has access to a PC most of the time. It would be beneficial if this person can also write, so they can publish articles based around the videos. If you excel at this role there’s the chance to earn commission based on video views.

Guides Editor

We need someone who can submit tips for upcoming PlayStation games. They will be in charge solely of this section of the site and need to keep in populated and up-to-date.

Twitch TV Streamers

PSU needs a streaming crew for PS4. Are you a confident talker, do you plan on streaming on Twitch TV when PS4 arrives and do you have oodles of personality? PSU wants streamers to join our community streaming program which is being announced shortly.

All positions are voluntary but some may lead to paid employment and/or perks. Staff may also have the chance to receive review copies of games, attend events and join us on our podcast. All positions bar Contributors come with a PSU email and a direct link to the whole team via Hangouts.

To apply, please tell us which role you are interested in and why. Label the subject header of the email “Application ‘name of role’. Please send samples of previous work if applying for a writing position. If you don’t have any then you may be asked to write a sample piece.

Note. Unfortunately, we may not be able to respond to all emails.

Send an email to