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PlayStation Home on PS4? Sony comments

on 8 November 2013

PlayStation Home was an ambitious project that has taken years to get going and with the PlayStation 4's launch imminent, there is suggestion that Sony is aiming to bring its sprawling social platform to the next-generation home console. However, it isn't that simple.

Talking to Eurogamer, where it was also revealed that PlayStation Home started out as a multiplayer mode for The Getaway: Black Monday on PS2, PS Home boss Peter Edward stated that the future of it is more about looking at what works now and what doesn't as well as any changes that would be made.

He said that "partly because to answer it would I think be too revealing, but also because I'm just conscious that any answer I give won't be taken as my personal view - it'll be taken as the view of the guy who runs Home on PlayStation. But, what I can say is that over the years of running Home, we've realised that some aspects of it work really well. Some aspects don't work as well," he added, And some aspects of it we would certainly do differently if we had the chance to do it again."

It's clear that Sony is considering the possibility of Home on PS4 but doesn't want to commit to anything publicly as of yet. Another point would be who would even use Home on PS4?