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PS4 Diablo III can't be Remote Played on PS Vita

on 9 November 2013

A surprising (and disappointing) bit of news has come from this weekend's BlizzCon 2013, via a GameSpot interview with level designer Matthew Berger: Diablo III on PS4 won't support Remote Play to PS Vita.

At least, not at first. Berger says that Blizzard believes the PS Vita screen is too small to effectively communicate information via Diablo III's user interface and extensive effects. "The Vita is an amazing piece of kit, but the screen is still smaller. And when you look at--and also it has its own aspect ratio--and when you look at Diablo III, there's a lot happening on-screen already," he said.

"You get surrounded by your enemies, lots of effects flying off in every direction. The inventory can be pretty complicated to navigate sometimes when you have lots of items."

Berger did say that Blizzard was open to the possibility of adding Remote Play support down the line, but what's most interesting about this story is that, by Sony's indication, Remote Play to PS Vita is supported by default at a hardware level. That means, as some NeoGAF posters point out, that Blizzard seems to have made the deliberate choice to cut-off Remote Play support out of dissatisfaction for what the experience would be.

Are you pleased with Blizzard's decision to value an optimized experience, or would you rather make the Remote Play decision for yourself? Join the conversation in the comments below.