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Final Fantasy Type-0, Shenmue on Sony's list of fan-requested games

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on 13 November 2013

Speaking during an interview with Kotaku, Sony’s Adam Boyes confirmed that it is taking notice of fan requests to see the likes of the cult classic Shenmue released for PlayStation platforms.

Boyes revealed that the platform holder has a massive list of games that fans are interested in seeing, which includes localised versions of the latest Yakuza title and the PlayStation Portable RPG, Final Fantasy Type-0.

“When we started the third-party production team, it was born out of necessity. We had a lot of publishers and a lot of content that had come out for various platforms and various territories that weren’t necessarily coming to our territory, platforms we’d love to see them on,” he said.

“We’ve got a massive list - we’re calling everyone trying to get that list as much as possible. A lot of issues come around clearances or intellectual property ownerships and stuff like that.

“We get a ton of requests for Yakuza, a ton of requests for Shenmue. We see the lists,” he added.

Fortunately, Boyes hinted that we won’t have to wait too long for some sort of announcement.

“I would say within the next six months we’ll have at least one if not a few announcements to make on that front," he commented.

Final Fantasy Type-0 was released in Japan on PSP in November 2011, though to date developer Square Enix has revealed no plans to launch the game in the west. However, the company did reveal it flirted with the idea of a HD console release at some point.

Shenmue was originally released on the Dreamcast in 1999 and spawned a sequel in 2001. Last year it was reported that SEGA was preparing a high-definition re-release for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, though nothing has materialized to date.

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