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PS4 Killzone, Knack reviews 'disappoint' Sony's Shuhei Yoshida

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on 14 November 2013

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) has expressed his disappointment at the critical reception to PlayStation 4 launch titles Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack.

Speaking with, Shuhei Yoshida commented, “Yeah, it’s disappointing to see some of the low scores. I haven’t spent enough time reading reviews, but I would characterize them as mixed.”

The executive went on to suggest that reviewers had possibly not spent enough time on each game to form a definitive conclusion.

"And with this launch there are lots of games coming out, so the media must be very busy going through the games quickly, and especially since the online functionality wasn't ready until in the last couple days. So we have to look at how much time they spend on what aspect of the games and how that may be contributing to some of the lower scores. It's disappointing but I don't think it's worrisome for the launch of the system.

"I've played through all of our games, Killzone, Knack and Resogun, and I totally enjoyed playing through these games. I'm now on my second run of Knack and Resogun at a higher difficulty - these games really grow on you when you play more. I'm very confident that once you purchase these games and play, you'll be happy that you've done so."

"[Knack] wasn't designed [to meet specific] review scores," Yoshida continued. "I was hoping Knack could score in the mid 70s and last I checked it's around 59-60, so I'm hoping it goes up. The game uses only three buttons to play, so it's not the type of game reviewers would score high for the launch of a next-gen system.

"The game was targeted as what we call a second purchase; you know, people may purchase PS4 for Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed or Killzone, but if they also buy Knack, this is a game that you can play with your family or your significant other."

One game that is proving favorable with critics is Housemarque’s Resogun, which stands at 82 on Metacritic and currently holds the record as the highest-rated PS4 game.

“At least we have one game that’s getting great reviews,” said Yoshida-san.

PS4 is due out in North America tomorrow and arrives in the U.K. and Europe on November 29.