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PS3 external connectivity expands

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Sony is always looking forward to ideas that will innovate and progress the industry from a videogame standpoint, to an electronic perspective as a whole. The PlayStation 3 and even PSP are prime examples of this as they both perform a number of functions outside of their core videogame purposes.

Sony continues to further this trend as Sir Howard Stringer, Sony CEO, explained to a Tokyo audience that the Remote Play feature is just the beginning of the PlayStation3’s external connectivity service.

Based on Bloomberg news, it is said that Stringer plans to ultimately link the PS3 with mobile phones and a number of other indeterminate electronic devices. That alone has created more credibility of the rumor that Sony is planning a PlayStation brand phone, much like the Sony Bravia TV branded mobile phone.

"PlayStation Network next year puts us in the direct line of fire with Apple and Microsoft," Stringer tells the Reuters news service, also hinting that next year will be a big year for PSN in terms of content:

“On Friday, we had a dinner where the heads of Sony Electronics, [Sony] Pictures, Sony BMG, and Sony PlayStation were all at the same dinner table intermingled and actually communicating," he said.

The proposed external PS3 connectivity will be part of the 3-year business plan set by Sony, which will begin April 1, 2008, which is also the start of Sony’s next fiscal year.