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PS4 can't connect to PSN - network crashes and error codes reported

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on 15 November 2013

Unsurprisingly, a number of PlayStation 4 early adopters are having problems connecting to the PSN. The issue is due to the amount of people logging onto the network on launch day to download the 1.50 patch.

Sony has confirmed that it is working hard to resolve stability but it may take a few days for the service to settle down and run smoothly.

The error codes NW-31453-6 and NP-3500-8 have been the most prolific error message followed by the words "The network connection has been lost".

If you want to get one step ahead, you can download the patch while offline by following these instructions.

The PS4 has launched today in North America with gamers queing for hours overnight to be the first in line to get their hands on Sony's new console. The launch hasn't been entirely smooth after some users reported bricked consoles and HDMI issues.