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EA denies previous claim that PS4 firmware 1.5 is cause of Day One issues

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on 15 November 2013

After telling its customers that PlayStation 4 game stability problems were being caused by firmware 1.5, EA has backed down from its claim and directed gamers to the official PlayStation support page.

EA's retraction was directed specifically at IGN, who reported a few hours ago about the article on EA's support site saying firmware 1.5 is the cause of "stability issues while playing games on the system." EA had also claimed, "This affects all games on the PS4, including EA titles, causing crashing/freezing and non-responsive connections between the player's console and their TV Screen."

The blame was then shifted to Sony, as EA said, "Unfortunately since it's an issue with Sony's firmware, it requires a new update to fix it. Sony is working to resolve the issue as quickly as they can. They will update their System Update page as new versions are made available, and we will keep this page updated as we find out more."

EA's retraction to IGN, meanwhile, reads: "the message on EA’s Help site was posted in error. Players with questions about PS4 connectivity can visit for the latest updates."

What do you think? Did EA overstep its bounds and comment on matters outside its knowledge? Or does EA know something about firmware 1.5 that Sony hasn't confirmed yet? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you've encountered any of the stability issues EA has mentioned.