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PS3 holds upper hand on Divx support?

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In the latest fall update for the Xbox 360, Microsoft added the ability for DivX playback. However, the DivX support available on the Xbox 360 is minimal compared to that on the PlayStation 3.

According to, only certain DivX files will play on the Xbox 360 where as the PlayStation 3 will be fully certified with DivX support allowing for not only all videos to have DivX playback, but the ability for game developers to use the format for efficient compression for in-game cut-scenes.

This feature will help by providing smaller storage file sizes (better load times), less power consumption, and less heat output.

As of now, there is no official release date yet for the DivX support on the PS3. However, Sony has stated that it will be "soon" and will come packaged in one of the upcoming firmware updates. Stay tuned for more information.