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Evidence of Sony's Crash Bandicoot spotted - PS4 exclusive on the cards?

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on 22 November 2013

According to Reddit user cocobandicoot, the official Crash Bandicoot website is defunct and no longer operating. An archived version of the website can be found here. In addition to this, Activision has removed all links and references to the Crash Bandicoot license from its official website. Attempting to search for anything related to the brand will yield no results.

This certainly bodes well for old school loyalists clinging on to recent rumors about Sony acquiring the license. As stated in cocobandicoot’s timeline, clear evidence of his reemergence can be found in the PS4 launch commercial where a street sign marked with the mascot’s silhouette is seen pointing to a diamond shaped logo, possibly that of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The Crash Bandicoot license eventually landed with Activision after being sold through a string of different publishers (Sony never owned the IP, Universal Interactive Studios did). Does this all seem like a timely coincidence, or do we have a megaton announcement waiting for us in the aisles?