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North American PS3 sales jump 285%

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on 14 December 2007

North American PlayStation 3 sales have risen by a total of 285 per cent between October and November 2007, according to the latest data from the NPD Group.

Sony’s next-generation platform experienced the biggest rise in sales of any hardware manufacturer during that period, with PS3 selling a total of 466,000 consoles during November in the region.

Furthermore, the Japanese electronics giant also sold 496,000 PlayStation 2 consoles and 567,000 PlayStation Portable units, with the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty 4 making a dent in top ten US all format charts.

Sony also unveiled some PlayStation Network statistics, revealing that over 1.8 million users have signed up for the service across the US, downloading 34.5 worth of content. Worldwide PSN figures meanwhile have topped the 3 million mark.