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EVE Fanfest 2014 tickets on sale now, cost $150 to $175

on 25 November 2013

Every year, EVE Online and DUST 514 developer CCP Games holds a player gathering in Iceland called EVE Fanfest. It's an event where EVE Online and DUST 514 players from around the world congregate in Reykjavik, Iceland's capitol, for three days of presentations, reveals, and developer roundtables as well as a whole host of activities, contests, and events aimed at celebrating gamers and their part in shaping the New Eden universe.

“EVE Fanfest is our chance to bring our community together in Reykjavik, the birthplace of the EVE Universe, and further forge our connection with the greatest gamers in the world. Every year we look forward to the revelry in the scenic setting of Iceland and to making announcements, connecting with our community and last but not least, celebrating like true Vikings!” said Hilmar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games, in today's press release.


Back in April, PSU attended Fanfest 2013 and was blown away by the passion of both players and developers. As Steven Williamson and myself strolled around, it was common to see the game creators and the game players "talking shop"--a sight that represents the very close relationship that CCP and its community have. We saw fantastic keynotes on DUST 514, EVE Online (watch the EVE keynote for a fantastic retelling of the history of CCP and EVE Online) and the team's future vision in "CCP Presents." We also attended roundtables and presentations where players were able to talk about more focused aspects of the game. Topping off the event was the "Party at the Top of the World"--a night of live music held in the same event center as Fanfest. The following morning, there was a trip to Iceland's iconic thermal pool--Blue Lagoon--to wash away the hangover blues. I can't recommend the Fanfest pilgrimage highly enough to any player of DUST 514 or EVE Online.


Tickets to the event cost $175 (€115), but there are some limited-supply "early bird" tickets priced at $150 (€110). CCP has once again partnered with Center Hotels to arrange some value packages for travel and accommodation. The local hotels are generally about five minutes walk from the HARPA center, where the epic gathering takes place. For more info and details, click here.

EVE Fanfest got your interest piqued? Any thoughts to share on DUST 514? Sound off in the comments below, and read our two exclusive interviews with DUST 514 creative director Atli Mar here and here