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PS4 interview: Sony says poor parenting to blame for kids who game too much

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on 29 November 2013

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Jim Ryan has taken to the interview circuit to promote the PlayStation 4's launch today in the UK, and judging by his first stop this morning on the BBC, it could be a rough ride.

Ryan was appearing on the BBC's breakfast show answering questions about the PS4,when he was asked by host Dominic Laurie: "How long do you advise kids to play these games for? Because I know that many parents walk into room at 2pm and their kid is playing it, they walk back in at 6pm and they are still playing it; there's a lot of frustration with parents about the length of time that the kid is rooted to the couch."

Ryan quickly responded: "Well, you need to look after your kids a bit better. We feel that parents have considerable responsibility in this. We make games, our industry makes games: some for children and some for adults and we feel that parental responsibility is fundamental here."

We think Ryan's response is perfectly reasonable, and in this day and age sensible limits should be placed on the time children play on their new PS4s.

What do you think of Jim Ryan's response? Do you have a gaming family and if so do you control your children's time on their PS? Let us know what you think in the comments below.