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Killzone: Shadow Fall reviews disappoint but Guerrilla believes it's the best game in the series

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on 2 December 2013

Guerrilla Games Lead Designer Eric Boljes still strongly believes that Killzone: Shadow Fall is the best game in the PlayStation exclusive FPS series, despite some damning reviews from critics.

Released as a flagship game for the launch of PlayStation 4, Shadow Fall received a respectable average of 74 percent on review aggregation site Metacritic, though some critics rated it as low as 50 percent.

As a launch title and the latest game in the popular Killzone series, there was huge expectation among gamers for Shadow Fall to deliver a next-gen experience that showcased the PS4. While Shadow Fall did that in terms of graphics, many reviews reported that it fell flat with the gameplay and storyline.

In an interview with AusGamer, Boljes suggested that Guerrilla’s expectations were higher too and it was surprised at some of the review scores.

"Well to be honest, when the reviews first came in, we were a little bit disappointed," he said. "Because I personally feel that this is the best Killzone we’ve ever made; I honestly feel that. You’re right, we did try a lot of new things, we tried to innovate the gameplay, and we did try to make a different Killzone than before.

"...and the reviews, they are mixed… we’re doing something different, and it’s really interesting in that a lot of people are saying we’re not different enough, and [what] the other side is saying is “what they’re doing is too different from the original Killzone”. It’s interesting, but I’m still really proud of what we’ve made."

Despite Guerrilla's obvious affection for a franchise that it has been working on since its inception in 2004, the studio is stepping away from the Killzone series for now and working on a new open-world RPG.

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