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Fallout 4 won't be shown at VGX, confirms Bethesda

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on 6 December 2013

Bethesda has shot down rumors suggesting Fallout 4 will be officially unveiled at this weekend’s VGX Awards.

Writing on Twitter, the company’s marketing chief, Pete Hines, wrote, “No, folks. I am not going to VGX. Bethesda is not showing/talking about anything at VGX. Just some PR meetings in LA. Take deep breaths.”

Speculation pointing to the reveal of a new Fallout title originated from website, which features a countdown clock believed to link to the announcement of the new post-apocalyptic RPG.

A trademark filing for Fallout 4 cropped up a few weeks ago, though this was proven to be a hoax.

Would you like to see a new Fallout? Do you think Bethesda is working on a fourth entry in the popular franchise? Sound off in the comments section below.