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DUST 514: Uprising 1.7 adds content and polish

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on 11 December 2013

Uprising 1.7 is the next monthly update for the free-to-play PS3 exclusive DUST 514 that brings with it a few substantial changes to the mix. I had a few games today and was really impressed with the the contents of the update.

Two new rifle types have hit the market. The Minmatar Combat Rifle is a medium range scoped rifle that fires in 3 shot bursts and the Caldari Rail Rifle is meant for encounters further in range but has a slower rate of fire. These join the Gallente Assault Rifle and the Amarr Scrambler Rifle to create the first weapon type to have all four racial variants in it. Weapon profiles and other balance issues have also been tweaked.

Logistics class mercs are rejoicing over the changes made to the armor repair tool. When equipped, you can see the armor and shield bars of team mates within the range of your repairer. This is a huge deal as healers now have a full overview of everyone’s health and can prioritise healing as necessary. The difference this makes can’t be understated and as a dedicated Logibro (DUST speak for support class) I find this one of the most influential additions and I know all other Logibros agree with me. The UI for the war point rewards notification that you get for killing, reviving, healing, hacking etc has also been updated and looks better, especially when you’re earning points in succession which is often the case when repairing. It’s these finer details that help make 1.7 a success and give it an ever increasing polish.


The first step to reworking vehicles gets underway with 1.7. All of the vehicle role variations like the logistics and scout light attack vehicles (buggies) and logistic dropship are being removed, leaving only the 4 basic buggy, tank, dropship and assault dropship roles. The modules you equip to beef up vehicles are also being stripped down to the bare bones so that CCP can work on refining the core vehicle gameplay. Read more about the vehicle changes here.

The most interesting and significant addition in 1.7 is the revamped Factional Warfare. The universe that DUST 514 shares with EVE Online is called New Eden--a dystopian galaxy which has 4 races in it. These races include the Gallente, the Caldari, the Amarr and the Minmatar and in 1.7 you will be able to cast your lot for one of these empires and fight for them in special contracts.

There’ll be no ISK reward for winning, however you’ll earn loyalty points which can be used to acquire Faction Warfare exclusive equipment from the market. Friendly fire rears its devious head in FW meaning that all your weapons and your orbital strikes are able to damage and kill your own team. While this could potentially be a field day for trolls, there is a caveat; if you kill a teammate they have the choice to forgive or punish you. If too many people punish you, you’ll be kicked from the match and banned from FW for a day. Team killing also affects your standing with that faction which in turn reduces the amount of loyalty points you can earn. At the end of the match you will gain dropsuits, weapons and items consumed during the match and chances are that people will be bringing their best to these fights.


On the topic of Orbital Strikes, the basic in game variation (which can be used without any EVE pilot assistance) won’t be included in Faction Warfare. That means that teams who want to rain death from the skies will need to have EVE playing pilots on their side and it will be these pilots who earn the ability to fire the orbital strike and can choose where to send it in the event of multiple squads requesting one. DUST players calling these down will now have to be more mindful to not paint the target in the vicinity of their team.

Finally, a new ‘mood’ has been added to the game via new volcanic terrain. The lava spewing mountains in the background rain ash onto the field as CCP works to further bring the EVE universe into DUST 514. Check out this trailer highlighting some of the upgrades made over the past few months then check the full patch notes for Uprising 1.7 on page 2.