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The Last of Us PS4 release debunked

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on 13 December 2013

Reports indicating that The Last of Us is heading to PlayStation 4 under the ‘Game of the Year Edition’ moniker have been firmly put to bed.

Yesterday, a box art and game page appeared on Amazon (via Spawnfirst) for the Naughty Dog post-apocalyptic horror title, suggesting the game was destined for Sony’s new home console. Despite initial excitement however, there were a few discrepancies with the box shot, leading many to question its authenticity.

Sure enough, it has now been confirmed that The Last of Us PS4 listing was indeed a hoax. After a bit of detective work, a user on NeoGAF ascertained that the SKU ID in the screen links directly to The Order: 1886.

Of course, this probably won’t stop chatter on a PS4 version of the critically-acclaimed action-horror game, and it has been rumored before that the title would appear on the system. To date however, nothing has been announced.

Stay tuned to for more details and read our review of The Last of Us here.