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Sony unveils January EU PlayStation Plus line-up

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on 13 December 2013

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has lifted the veil on its January 2014 line-up for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

First up, PlayStation 4 users will be able to tuck into Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve, which sees gamers controlling a scientist named Wilson as he attempts to survive a mysterious world filled with magic and science.

Don’t Starve will be available from January 8.

Next up for PlayStation 3 on December 24 is the acclaimed hack-’n-slash action title, DmC: Devil May Cry. Ninja Theory’s ambitious reboot sees a younger Dante battling demonic foes in Limbo City in a shower of stylish attacks and potty-mouthed insults. 

Also on the cards is the celebrated loot-driven action-RPG Borderlands 2, which sees four Vault Hunters fighting across Pandora to liberate its inhabitants from the nefarious Handsome Jack.

Finally, PS Vita owners can look forward to Soul Sacrifice and Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend on December 24.

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