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SCEA's Jack Tretton 3rd party support, PS3 and more

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Working with Sony for 13 years, primarily as the company’s Sales Director, Jack Tretton finds himself as the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

As the sales director for Sony, Tretton saw himself engulfed with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 brands, which both saw tremendous dominance in the industry. As the CEO and President, he now finds himself dealt with tremendous pressure in which he must bring the PlayStation 3 and PSP to the top of their perspective markets.

In an interview with, Tretton discussed a number of topics such as his earlier days in the business; to his most anticipated PS3 title, which he revealed was Gran Turismo 5. What really stood out were his comments about 3rd party support and the PS3’s presence in 2008.

When asked about 3rd Party support for the PS3, Tretton responded most proud manner with:

“We hear better and better things from the third party publishers every day. We are meeting with them on a regular basis and are getting a lot of feedback from them in terms of their needs. We are now starting to see developers creating games on PS3 and then porting them to other platforms such as EA's Burnout.”

“Developers are telling us that they are starting to create their games on PS3 first and take advantage of the hardware capabilities and then port down to other platforms so we are seeing tremendous progress from the third party community in terms of what they are able to do with our development kits. You will see some very nice things in 2008 coming from our third party partners in addition to what you will see this holiday.”

As for what will make people want a PS3 in 2008, Tretton ended by saying:

“People want and need the PS3 when they truly understand PS3's capabilities. If you get a controller in your hand, you start to play a game that takes advantage of PS3 technology, then you get online to download some cool content that compliments something that you're playing or introduces you to some games that you haven't seen before, then you start interacting with the multimedia capabilities of the machine and see how easy it is to download video and music and pictures.”

“Lastly, you pop a Blu-Ray movie into PS3 and then you realize that you have an extremely powerful machine that can meet the vast majority of your entertainment needs. If you want the most technologically advanced gaming system that will stand the test of time for the next ten years and comes with a free online gaming service, then the PS3 is a perfect choice.”

Source: IGN