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DUST 514 factions detailed, W.A.R. Kit giveaway

on 17 December 2013

Last week DUST 514 evolved once again as the Uprising 1.7 patch added new content and polish. Part of the update’s contents included the revamped Factional Warfare game mode where mercenaries choose to fight for one of New Eden’s four factions in special matches. These award the new loyalty points can be exchanged for special faction gear at the market.

For pilots in EVE, the abundance of lore behind the factions can also be a deciding factor in which faction they fight for. Unfortunately not so much in DUST 514 as there isn’t any lore other than the small caption at character creation. This is a shame because all their ideologies and feuds set in the vast EVE universe are really interesting.

The four races are the Amarr, the Caldari, the Gallente and the Minmatar.

The Amarr Empire is religiously ruled by the Empress and her priests. It has the most powerful military and for 700 years its society was supported by Minmatar slave labor until they rebelled and won their freedom. The Amarr believe that slavery is part of the journey to spiritual understanding.

The Minmatar race has the largest population but they’re not all part of the Minmatar Republic. A third of the population are still slaves of Amarr and around a 5th reside within the Gallente Federation. Independence and resilience are important virtues to the ex-slaves who are part of the various tribes that constitute the Republic.

The Gallente Federation is the only true democracy of New Eden and are advocates of free will, human rights and freedom, which is probably why the Minmatar constitute a third of its total population. Many races have found their home with the Gallente in the search for peace or to escape the ideologies of their home states.

The Caldari were once part of the Gallente Federation until they broke off. Wars ensued between the two but as neither was able to get the upper hand in battle, a peace treaty was signed. The Caldari State is run by mega-corporations that govern every aspect of day-to-day life and a population that is patriotic, strong and ruthless.

Each of the factions has its own design philosophy and affinity to certain kinds of technology. In EVE Online these traits are more apparent as there is a lot more content displaying them. In DUST 514 it can still be seen in the way that the Gallente are more armor orientated in dropsuits and vehicles whereas the Caldari favor shields for example.


To celebrate the revamped Faction Warfare mode, PSU is giving away 5 PSN codes for DUST 514 W.A.R Kits. Each pack contains a slew of pre-made fittings for assault, heavy, scout and logistic roles, dropships and Light Assault Vehicles and a 3-day skill booster to earn you more skill points to level up with. These will allow you to get straight into the action without having to worry about your fittings right away. The contents include:

45 x 'FoxFour' Assault G-I
45 x 'Logicloop' Scout M-I
45 x 'Tigris' Sentinel A-I
45 x 'Rattati' Assault G/1 Series
45 x 'Wolfman' Assault A/1 Series
45 x 'Nullarbor' Myron Dropship
45 x 'Greyscale' Saga Light Assault Vehicle
45 x 'Remnant IX' Logistics mk.0
45 x 'Flying Scotsman' Assault ck.0* [Exclusive]
1x 3-Day Active Skill Point Booster

To win, simply tell us which of the four races you’d fight for and why. We will select 5 of the best answers for the winners. Please leave us your forum name or Twitter handle so we can contact you if you are successful.

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