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Evolve announced by Turtle Rock Studios

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on 8 January 2014

Turtle Rock Studios, developers of Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead, unveiled its new multiplayer driven IP: Evolve. Game Informer will be covering the game in its February issue.

Evolve will model a sci-fi theme, and given the studio's formidable background in mulitplayer mayhem, expect no less from its new IP. The game will feature a deep cooperative system pitting four players against a menacing new enemy: an alien that grows in strength and size over the course of a gruesome hunt. What's the pitch? This alien, or Goliath, is controlled by a fifth player.

This bloodcurdling beast inherently levels up as it feeds on surrounding wildlife and completes match objectives, towering up to 30 feet tall if not promptly dealt with (certainly not some zombie pushover Left 4 Dead fans are accustomed to). The four human players, or Hunters, are divided into separate classes: Medic, Support, Assault, and Trapper. Each class has its own branch of unique characters and skills, offering a playground of gameplay diversity for each Hunter unit.

Turtle Rock Studios will be centering its attention on gameplay, while story will be taking the backseat. Though if you're familiar with the Left 4 Dead series, you might not view this as a drawback. The developer knows how to facilitate atmosphere, and Evolve's Hunt mode will assist in this regard. The cat and mice inspired setting will be a test of willpower and strategy. The Hunters and the Goliath can both prey on wildlife for life and damage boosts, increasing their odds of success. It's not just about fulfilling an objective, it's about the fight for survival (via IGN).

After THQ filed for bankruptcy, 2K coughed up $10.8 million at an auction to acquire the IP. Evolve is scheduled to launch this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can watch Game Informer's coverage trailer below.

Does Evolve's premise capture your interest, or were you more keen on playing Left 4 Dead 3? Let us know in the comments section below.