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Turtle Beach announces PS4 partnership

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on 8 January 2014

Premium headset manufacturer Turtle Beach has announced a partnership with Sony to create officially licensed headsets for the PlayStation 4.

Due to be revealed this summer, and set to launch in the Autumn, a range of headsets specifically designed to provide an optimal audio experience on PS4 and Vita will be made available.

“Turtle Beach is excited to work with Sony to create headsets for the PlayStation 4 system,” said Juergen Stark, Chief Executive Officer at Turtle Beach. “Audio is an important part of the next-generation PlayStation experience, and our emphasis on versatile, multi-platform headsets will ensure consumers have an optimal experience across their PlayStation 4 console and PlayStation Vita companion devices.”

According to statistics provided by the NPD, Turtle Beach are the creators of 7 of the 10 best-selling headsets in 2013.