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PS4 group chat allegedly corrupting consoles

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on 20 January 2014

A PlayStation 4 user took to Reddit to warn other users of possible group chat problems. He reported not being able to contribute or delete messages to the chat session and eventually having to reinitialize his PS4.

“So, me and 4 of my buddies were in a group chat that we've been using since the release of the PS4 in the U.S. We would post screenshots and just general chat. Then for some unknown reason, I couldn't add any more messages to the chat session. I also couldn't delete it, contribute to it in any way or change it's title,” nyteryder79 posted.

The problem was not fixed after troubleshooting and a database rebuild in safe mode. Sony’s customer support was also unable to resolve the issue after initial contact as the chat messaging errors persisted.

“I called Sony support one last time and the agent I spoke to realized that this is an issue on the PSN side, not the user side. It's an issue with the servers on the PSN that needs to be addressed, so she filed a ticket,” said nyterder79.

In the meantime, should any PS4 users experience troubles with group messaging, Nyteryder79 also posted how to troubleshoot and fix the problem, "Boot into safe mode and rebuild the database.

Try installing the PlayStation app onto a mobile device and delete messages there.

Clear the messages from your PS3.

If all the above fails, boot into safe mode and choose the last option: Initialize (reinstall system software). This requires you to download the 800+MB file, put it on a FAT32 formatted flash drive. This will wipe everything, including your HDD. You will have to re-download and reinstall every game, app, etc. as well as set all your settings back up."

The cause is speculation at the moment as no other PS4 users have reported this problem.

We have reached out to Sony for a comment as there has been no official word on the issue.

Experiencing any issues with group chat? We’d love to know if this is an isolated incident or not. Sound off in the comments.