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PS4 demand far outstripping supply, says Sony - new stock on a weekly basis

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on 27 January 2014

Sony's head of hardware marketing John Koller claims that demand for the PlayStation 4 is still outstripping supply some two months after its release.

In an interview with
GotGame, Koller said: “...we still have demand far outstripping supply and I think we’re doing everything we can to bring in regular shipments of PlayStation 4s and are doing so"

"Many of your listeners and readers are probably aware that there’s a certain time each week when PlayStation 4s are available at their local retailers. We are certainly doing that on a weekly basis, but demand is still exceptional."

The PS4 launched worldwide in November with many consumers unable to get hold of a console immediately. Much of the praise heaped on Sony’s next-gen gaming machine comes down to a variety of factors, including its
power, said to be ten times more powerful than PS3, great features and strong launch line-up games. After the delay of Watch Dogs and DriveClub, however, the release day line-up was actually less than impressive, although consumers can look forward to many exclusives in 2014 and beyond, including Deep Down, HellDivers and inFamous: Second Son.

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