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DUST 514 incoming changes, Starter Kit detailed

on 28 January 2014

In a few weeks DUST 514 is due to get yet another title update with ‘Uprising 1.8’, which promises to be one of the most meaningful updates since the shooter officially launched back in May 2013. This is mostly down to the fact that gamers will finally have access to all of the dropsuits for all four races.

In DUST you have light, medium and heavy frame dropsuits that you can customise how you see fit to create the kind of mercenary you want to play as. Each of these types of dropsuits has roles which further define its job on the battlefield: heavy frames can be the ‘HMG-toting juggernaut’ or the ‘dual-light weapon carrying commando’, and medium frames can be either the ‘frontline assault’ or ‘supporting logistics role’, for example. At the moment only the medium frame dropsuits have all four racial variants but Uprising 1.8 promises to bring all the light, medium and heavy frames for the Gallente, Minmatar, Amarr and Caldari races to the game.

On top of that, the roles are being totally re-worked, with new suit and race bonuses coming. The scout class is finally getting some love with fully re-worked dropsuit stats, slot layout, bonuses and... stealth! Additionally, new side-arms are slated for Uprising 1.8 including the Gallente Bolt Pistol, Caldari Ion Pistol and the Gallente Magsec SMG. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that in subsequent updates we'll see similar treatment for weapons and vehicles as the rest of the racial variations finally flesh out the game’s content.

With these massive changes coming, now is a really good time to come check the game out if you haven’t already. If you have a couple of spare dollars in your PlayStation Network wallet, the new Starter Pack is a great way to get stuck-in immediately without having to worry about getting your fittings sorted. It puts you into a mid-range assault suit and includes copies of the four racial assault rifle variants:

The ‘Amarr Scrambler Rifle’ is an energy-based weapon that is semi-automatic but can also charge up to deliver a single, more deadly shot. It has good range but overheats and can cause your player damage is it overcharges.

The ‘Minmatar Combat Rifle’ is a high-rate of fire rifle that fires three bullets at rapid speed. It has great stopping power and is well-suited for medium-to-short range confrontations.

The ‘Gallente Assault Rifle’ is suited for close-to-medium range confrontations and is the most akin to typical assault rifles in the FPS genre.

The ‘Caldari Rail Rifle’ is a low-rate-of-fire rifle that has impressive range and damage, well-suited for longer distance engagements but not so well-suited to close-quarters-combat, due to its short charge-up time.

You also receive a three-day active booster which grants you 50% more Skill Points so that you can level up your various skills a bit faster - so be sure to check it out.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about all things DUST 514, hit me up @logibro514 on Twitter.