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MLB 14 The Show release dates, feature parity, Cross-Save

on 13 February 2014

MLB 14 The Show, the first next-gen installment in Sony San Diego's critically revered baseball franchise, won't be coming to PlayStation 4 until sometime in May--at least one month after the league's opening weekend.

Of course, if you absolutely can't wait for the PS4 version (or just want an early start, especially on-the-go), the PS3 and PS Vita outings will release on April 1 in the wake of 23 season-opening MLB games. Cross-save functionality will carry your Road to the Show and other season saves across all platforms, and feature parity will exist between all versions--part of the reason for the team delaying the PS4 version.

"We thought it was best that we didn't alienate anybody. There's over 80 million PS3s, and we're selling a ton of PS4s. . . . So what we have is feature parity across the board," explained game designer Ramone Russell in a press demonstration this week. "All the major features this year on PlayStation 3 will be on PlayStation 4 Day One. They won't come next year; everything will be exactly the same. What you're getting when you upgrade to the PlayStation 4 console is those things that the PS3 just can't do, which are the improved visuals, all-new dynamic crowds, sounds, things of that nature. . ."

Especially interesting is that MLB 14 The Show save files will transfer to MLB 15 The Show, even between the PS3 version of MLB 14 and the PS4 version of MLB 15.

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