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Digital Playground releasing 'Pirates' on Blu-ray

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For a considerable time, porn industry studios have held out on releasing content on the Blu-ray platform and instead, releasing exclusively on the HD DVD format. Now it appears that one studio in particular is looking to take Blu-ray’s virginity by being the first to release porn on Sony’s high definition format.

Digital Playground is looking to be the first to get the ball rolling for pornographic films on Blu-ray, with the release of the movie, Pirates. What was said as being the major drawback for porn studios and Blu-ray was supposedly word that Sony was blocking them from releasing such content. Now it appears that it was not the case and the real reason was that the pricing for Blu-ray movies are much more than that of HD DVD.

Digital Playground founder, “Joone” explains, "A lot of people were e-mailing that bought a PlayStation 3 and they were basically saying, 'When are you guys going to release Blu-ray?'"

Founded in 1993, Digital Playground is a southern California based studio that pioneers in the virtual sex genre where viewers can command their favorite porn actress through a series of menu-selected options. One of their biggest titles was Virtual Sex with Jenna Jameson, which is also labeled as the top selling adult DVD of all time.

Source: High Def Digest