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SCEA trademarks Resistance 2

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One year following its release, and Sony's exclusive new franchise Resistance: Fall of Man is still very much the focus of attention among the gaming community, this time in the form of a possible sequel. 

Following reports early last month that the sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person shooter was ready for pre-alpha testing, Sony Computer Entertainment of America filed for a trademark securing the name "Resistance 2". Do the math, and it can only mean that at the very least the firm is considering a sequel for it's popular pseudo-WWII shooter.

The original Resistance: Fall of Man was released as a PlayStation 3 launch title in Japan on November 11, 2006, in the United States on November 14, 2006 and in Europe on March 23, 2007. Resistance met generally favorable critical reception as a launch title as well as winning several awards and becoming the first PS3 game to sell over one million copies

Although this bit of news does not verify the game exists, it does provide enough evidence that Insomniac Games is working on a sequel. The only bit of information that the filing hints at is that the game will have an online community as the filing includes as section that describes the game as, "OPERATING A REAL-TIME GAME FOR OTHERS OVER GLOBAL AND LOCAL AREA COMPUTER NETWORKS."

Other details have yet to be announced or released about the game but the official filing by Sony can be viewed here.

Source: Ripten, Trademork