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PS4 megaton announcement teased in OPM UK: 'a series of massive significance'

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on 19 February 2014

PlayStation 4 gamers better ready their hype engines because Official PlayStation Magazine U.K. is fueling up the excitement for next month, teasing “one of the most exciting” covers in the magazine's history, according to a post by user lstn on Reddit.

Which series could OPM be alluding to? That is currently unclear, and with illusive hints and teases creeping in from all corners of the Web in recent months, it easily marks a challenge to betoken a proper guess. Below is OPM's cryptic teaser.

If I were to spark up a guess, I'd place a healthy bet on the long-awaited Crash Bandicoot reboot. Perhaps this is grasping at straws, but one can only hope.

Which series unveiling are you looking to see manifested in OPM's limelight? Share your hopes and dreams below.