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European PlayStation Store updated

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on 27 December 2007

With today's US Store update being non-existent (apparently last week's gigantic update was enough to span two weeks), all we've got is the EU Store to look forward to. Fortunately, the EU Store team worked to get up some new content for all to enjoy.

The first bit of content is a Super Stardust HD "demo and upgrade." For previous owners, this includes the SSHD update to v2.02, which enables rumble and allows for custom soundtracks. For those who don't already have SSHD, download this demo to try before you buy.

Next up is the groovy little Snakeball. While only the demo is available from the PS Store, you can purchase the full game through the in-game store section, so we suppose that this is actually a full release.

Finally, check out The Club demo. This arcade-like shooter will have you duking it out with multiple opponents, fighting for survival. Style is a bonus.

All in all, a fair amount of content this week, regardless of region (hint to Americans - make a EU account). Be sure to check in next week to see what's headed your way on the PS Store.