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No MGS4 demo, limited edition in the works?

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After seeing various gameplay demos and other hands-on that have been offered at various game shows, the team behind MGS4 have made it clear that a demo for the highly anticipated game is unlikely.

Ryan Payton, Assistant Producer for Metal Gear Solid 4, was spotted on the NeoGaf forums and he was very candid on the idea of having a MGS 4 demo. Payton told forum members that, "Considering how much we’ve changed since TGS/E for All, it would be a huge undertaking to create a new demo. Sorry guys."

On a bright note, Payton did let fans of the series know that a limited edition could be on the cards, but did not divulge specific details. He went on to say, "On a brighter note, we’re working really hard to solidify plans for a limited edition SKU. Coordinating our ideas with Konami JP, US, and EU is a big challenge, considering the simultaneous worldwide launch, strict retail rules on packaging, etc."

As has been discussed at large already, Metal Gear Solid 4 is supposed to be a "killer app" for 2008 for PS3 owners and Payton is well of that. He let visitors of the forum know that he is well aware of this as he asked them to, "Wish me luck in 2008 as I try to divert attention away from MGS4 being a killer app “weapon” against competitors in our industry, but rather focus on the game being a big step for the game industry as a whole. I hope MGS4 will prove to millions of people that games are to be celebrated, not spat on by politicians and mainstream media."

After the most recent delay a month ago, MGS 4 is set to release some time in the 2nd quarter of 2008.

Source: Ripten