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BioShock: Infinite Burial at Sea - Episode 2 '1998 Mode' unveiled

on 28 February 2014

BioShock: Infinite Burial at Sea - Episode II will feature a new challenge titled 1998 Mode, Irrational Games has announced.

Here, gamers are tasked with getting through the DLC using non-lethal items, and follows on from 1999 Mode, which featured in BioShock: Infinite’s main campaign.

"In Burial at Sea - Episode Two we put a focus on balance and stealth mechanics," said Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games.

"As we were developing this new style of gameplay, we started to see people self-impose non-lethal playthroughs. Given the fan reception of 1999 Mode, we thought it would be cool to give them another way to play Burial at Sea that challenged their mastery of stealth tools."

Why 1998 Mode you might ask? Well, Levine just happened to work on the game Thief: The Dark Project, which was released in 1998. Check out the image of Elizabeth below -- look familiar?