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PS3 outsells 360 7:1 in Japan (Dec 17 - 23)

Japanese sales charts are in, and in the week leading up to Christmas Eve, the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 again, this time 7:1. This should come as no big surprise, as the PS3 outsells the Xbox 360 every week in Japan. Another statistic worth looking at is that the PSP sold a whopping 170,000 units.

Here are the official numbers:

- Nintendo DS Lite - 279,551
- Wii - 232,907
- PSP - 171,804
- PlayStation 3 - 58,167
- PlayStation 2 - 20,391
- Xbox 360 - 7,908

The main drive in DS sales derives from the release of the Mario Party which sold nearly 330,000 copies and Final Fantasy IV selling almost 300,000. The Nintendo Wii placed high on the charts with game releases such as Wii Fit and Mario Galaxy. With these charts not counting Christmas Eve and after Christmas sales, it will be interesting to see what next week's charts bring. Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Media Create