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New Metal Gear Solid V blowout - incredible in-game screenshots, second-screen option and gameplay information

on 6 March 2014

Kojima Productions has today lifted the proverbial lid off its newest Metal Gear Solid iteration, Ground Zeroes, by releasing a slew of game information, incredible in-game screenshots, and news on the much-touted second-screen companion application.

The press release screenshots blow the doors off of Ground Zeroes’ second-screen functionality, showing detailed schematics of in-game areas and patrolling soldiers. The companion app will also act as a way of gaining a detailed insight into your progress within the game; detailing how long you take, what rank you achieve and even no-kill completions. Atop of this, a heat map can also be deployed which shows areas of interest and activity.

In conjunction with the second-screen images, a slew of immensely-detailed in-game screenshots have been revealed, showing our hero, Naked Snake, meandering through a military base in chase of a helicopter, exiting a tank as well as picking locks to heavily-restricted areas. In line with these, it also unearths just how valuable vehicle-based movement will no doubt prove to be. Naked Snake is more agile than in previous iterations too as he leaps across freight containers in order to evade the patrolling guards.

Check out the full set of gorgeous screenshots here.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is edging ever closer to its March 18 launch date; as always, give us your views on Kojima-san’s stealth-based prologue below, and don’t forget to check out our full review coming soon.