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Square purposely hides Star Ocean IV trailer?

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We recently reported on the new Star Ocean IV trailer, which is impressive to say the least. However, it appears that Square-Enix initially did not want this trailer to be “leaked” to the general public just yet.

In actual fact, Square-Enix showed off the new trailer to a group of lucky eyes behind closed doors at the Tokyo Game show, which was the only possible way to view the trailer.

A second option was presented when the company placed the trailer online, but the catch was that you had to be an owner of the PSP Star Ocean 1, which was just recently released in Japan. Furthermore, a serial number from the title was required, though there are currently no plans to release the game in western territories.

Eager punters need not fear though, as the trailer has been leaked online through Youtube. What is more interesting was the work that Square-Enix was requiring people to go through just to view the trailer. Such a weird marketing scheme but that is how the industry works sometime.

Source: Ripten